August 17th All Events

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August 17th, 2007 (August 17 2007)DeathBill Deedes, British journalist and politician (born in 1913)
August 17th, 2007 (August 17 2007)DeathEddie Griffin, American basketball player (born in 1982)
August 17th, 2005 (August 17 2005)EventThe first forced evacuation of settlers, as part of the Israel unilateral disengagement plan, starts.
August 17th, 2005 (August 17 2005)DeathJohn Bahcall, American astrophysicist (born in 1934)
August 17th, 2004 (August 17 2004)EventMD5 collision found by Chinese researchers.
August 17th, 2004 (August 17 2004)EventThe National Assembly of Serbia unanimously adopts new state symbols for Serbia: Boze Pravde becomes the new anthem and the coat of arms is adopted for the whole country.
August 17th, 2004 (August 17 2004)DeathThea Astley, Australian writer (born in 1925)
August 17th, 2004 (August 17 2004)DeathGerard Souzay, French baritone (born in 1918)
August 17th, 1999 (August 17 1999)EventA 7.4-magnitude earthquake strikes Izmit, Turkey, killing more than 17,000 and injuring 44,000.
August 17th, 1998 (August 17 1998)EventMonica Lewinsky scandal: US President Bill Clinton admits in taped testimony that he had an "improper physical relationship" with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. On the same day he admits before the nation that he "misled people" about his relationship.Bill Clinton Quotes
August 17th, 1996 (August 17 1996)BirthElla Cruz, Filipina actress
August 17th, 1995 (August 17 1995)DeathHoward Koch, American screenwriter (born in 1902)
August 17th, 1995 (August 17 1995)DeathTed Whitten, Australian rules footballer (born in 1933)
August 17th, 1994 (August 17 1994)DeathLuigi Chinetti, Italian-American race car driver and team owner (NART; born in 1901)
August 17th, 1994 (August 17 1994)DeathJack Sharkey, American boxer (born in 1902)
August 17th, 1993 (August 17 1993)DeathFeng Kang, Chinese mathematician (born in 1920)
August 17th, 1992 (August 17 1992)DeathAl Parker, American adult film actor (born in 1952)
August 17th, 1990 (August 17 1990)BirthRachel Hurd-Wood, British actress
August 17th, 1990 (August 17 1990)BirthColin Bates, American actor
August 17th, 1990 (August 17 1990)DeathPearl Bailey, American singer and actress (born in 1918)
August 17th, 1988 (August 17 1988)EventPakistani President Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq and U.S. Ambassador Arnold Raphel are killed in a plane crash.
August 17th, 1988 (August 17 1988)BirthErika Toda, Japanese actress
August 17th, 1988 (August 17 1988)DeathMuhammad Zia-ul-Haq, 6th President of Pakistan (born in 1924)
August 17th, 1988 (August 17 1988)DeathFranklin Delano Roosevelt Jr., son of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 32nd President of the United States (born in 1914)Franklin Delano Roosevelt Quotes
August 17th, 1988 (August 17 1988)DeathVictoria Shaw, Australian-born American actress (born in 1935)
August 17th, 1987 (August 17 1987)DeathRudolf Hess, Nazi deputy (born in 1894)Rudolf Hess Quotes
August 17th, 1987 (August 17 1987)DeathShaike Ophir, Israeli actor (born in 1929)
August 17th, 1986 (August 17 1986)BirthRudy Gay, American basketball player
August 17th, 1986 (August 17 1986)BirthTyrus Thomas, American basketball player
August 17th, 1985 (August 17 1985)BirthYu Aoi, Japanese actress
August 17th, 1984 (August 17 1984)BirthDee Brown, American basketball player
August 17th, 1983 (August 17 1983)BirthDustin Pedroia, American baseball player
August 17th, 1983 (August 17 1983)DeathIra Gershwin, American lyricist (born in 1896)Ira Gershwin Quotes
August 17th, 1982 (August 17 1982)EventThe first Compact Discs (CD s) were released to the public in Germany.
August 17th, 1982 (August 17 1982)BirthMelissa Anderson, American professional wrestler
August 17th, 1982 (August 17 1982)BirthPhil Jagielka, English footballer
August 17th, 1981 (August 17 1981)BirthKristin Holt, American television personality
August 17th, 1980 (August 17 1980)EventAzaria Chamberlain disappears, likely taken by a dingo, leading to what was then the most publicised trial in Australian history.
August 17th, 1980 (August 17 1980)BirthLene Marlin, Norwegian singer
August 17th, 1980 (August 17 1980)BirthKeith Dabengwa, Zimbabwean cricketer
August 17th, 1980 (August 17 1980)BirthJan Kromkamp, Dutch footballer
August 17th, 1979 (August 17 1979)EventTwo Soviet Aeroflot jetliners collide in mid-air over Ukraine, killing 156
August 17th, 1979 (August 17 1979)BirthAntwaan Randle El, American football player
August 17th, 1979 (August 17 1979)BirthMarcus Patric, British actor
August 17th, 1979 (August 17 1979)DeathVivian Vance, American actress (born in 1909)
August 17th, 1978 (August 17 1978)EventDouble Eagle II becomes first balloon to cross the Atlantic Ocean when it lands in Miserey near Paris, 137 hours after leaving Presque Isle, Maine.
August 17th, 1978 (August 17 1978)BirthVibeke Stene, Norwegian singer (Tristania)
August 17th, 1978 (August 17 1978)BirthKarena Lam, Hong Kong actress
August 17th, 1977 (August 17 1977)BirthThierry Henry, French footballer
August 17th, 1977 (August 17 1977)BirthTarja Turunen, Finnish singer
August 17th, 1977 (August 17 1977)BirthWilliam Gallas, French footballer
August 17th, 1976 (August 17 1976)BirthScott Halberstadt, American actor
August 17th, 1975 (August 17 1975)BirthGiuliana DePandi, Italian-born American television personality
August 17th, 1975 (August 17 1975)BirthIlhan Mans?z, Turkish footballer
August 17th, 1974 (August 17 1974)BirthTony Hajjar, Lebanese drummer (At the Drive-In, Sparta)
August 17th, 1974 (August 17 1974)BirthNicola Kraus, American novelist
August 17th, 1973 (August 17 1973)DeathJean Barraque, French composer (born in 1928)
August 17th, 1973 (August 17 1973)DeathPaul Williams, American singer (The Temptations) (born in 1939)
August 17th, 1973 (August 17 1973)DeathConrad Aiken, American author (born in 1889)Conrad Aiken Quotes
August 17th, 1972 (August 17 1972)BirthHabibul Bashar, Bangladeshi cricketer
August 17th, 1972 (August 17 1972)BirthKen Ryker, American pornographic actor
August 17th, 1971 (August 17 1971)BirthJorge Posada, Puerto Rican baseball player
August 17th, 1971 (August 17 1971)BirthUhm Jung-hwa, South Korean singer and actress
August 17th, 1971 (August 17 1971)DeathWilhelm List, German field marshal (born in 1880)
August 17th, 1970 (August 17 1970)EventVenera Program: Venera 7 launchedied in It will later become the first spacecraft to successfully transmit data from the surface of another planet (Venus).
August 17th, 1970 (August 17 1970)BirthJim Courier, American tennis player
August 17th, 1970 (August 17 1970)BirthRupert Degas, English actor and voice artist
August 17th, 1970 (August 17 1970)BirthOyvind Leonhardsen, Norwegian footballer
August 17th, 1970 (August 17 1970)DeathRattana Pestonji, Thai filmmaker (born in 1908)
August 17th, 1969 (August 17 1969)EventCategory 5 Hurricane Camille hits the Mississippi coast, killing 248 people and causing $1.5 billion in damage.
August 17th, 1969 (August 17 1969)BirthChristian Laettner, American basketball player
August 17th, 1969 (August 17 1969)BirthDonnie Wahlberg, American actor and singer
August 17th, 1969 (August 17 1969)DeathOtto Stern, German physicist, Nobel laureate (born in 1888)
August 17th, 1968 (August 17 1968)BirthEd McCaffrey, American football player
August 17th, 1968 (August 17 1968)BirthHelen McCrory, English actress
August 17th, 1967 (August 17 1967)BirthKevin Max, American singer (dc_talk)
August 17th, 1966 (August 17 1966)BirthMaysa Leak, American Jazz Singer
August 17th, 1966 (August 17 1966)BirthRodney Mullen, American skateboarder
August 17th, 1966 (August 17 1966)BirthDon Sweeney, Canadian ice hockey player
August 17th, 1964 (August 17 1964)BirthColin James, Canadian musician
August 17th, 1963 (August 17 1963)BirthS. Shankar, Indian film director.
August 17th, 1962 (August 17 1962)EventEast German border guards kill 18-year-old Peter Fechter as he attempts to cross the Berlin Wall into West Berlin becoming one of the first victims of the wall.
August 17th, 1962 (August 17 1962)BirthGilby Clarke, American musician (Guns N Roses)
August 17th, 1962 (August 17 1962)DeathPeter Fechter trying to cross the Berlin Wall (born in 1944)
August 17th, 1960 (August 17 1960)EventDecolonization: Gabon gains independence from France.
August 17th, 1960 (August 17 1960)BirthSean Penn, American actor and director
August 17th, 1960 (August 17 1960)BirthJames Daly, American journalist
August 17th, 1960 (August 17 1960)BirthStephan Eicher, Swiss singer
August 17th, 1959 (August 17 1959)EventQuake Lake: Quake Lake was formed by the magnitude 7.5 1959 Yellowstone earthquake near Hebgen Lake in Montana.
August 17th, 1959 (August 17 1959)BirthDavid Koresh, American cult leader (died in 1993)
August 17th, 1959 (August 17 1959)BirthJonathan Franzen, American authorJonathan Franzen Quotes
August 17th, 1958 (August 17 1958)BirthBelinda Carlisle, American singer
August 17th, 1958 (August 17 1958)BirthKirk Stevens, Canadian snooker player
August 17th, 1957 (August 17 1957)BirthRobin Cousins, British figure skater
August 17th, 1956 (August 17 1956)BirthGail Berman, American film executive
August 17th, 1956 (August 17 1956)BirthAlvaro Pino, Spanish cyclist
August 17th, 1955 (August 17 1955)BirthRichard Hilton, American heir
August 17th, 1954 (August 17 1954)BirthEric Johnson, American guitarist
August 17th, 1954 (August 17 1954)DeathBilly Murray, American recording artist (born in 1877)
August 17th, 1953 (August 17 1953)EventAddiction: First meeting of Narcotics Anonymous in Southern California.
August 17th, 1953 (August 17 1953)BirthJudith Regan, American book publisher
August 17th, 1953 (August 17 1953)BirthKevin Rowland, English musician (Dexys Midnight Runners)
August 17th, 1952 (August 17 1952)BirthNelson Piquet, Brazilian race car driver
August 17th, 1952 (August 17 1952)BirthDr. Mario Theissen, German F1 team principal (BMW Sauber)
August 17th, 1952 (August 17 1952)BirthGuillermo Vilas, Argentinian tennis player
August 17th, 1951 (August 17 1951)BirthRobert Joy, Canadian actor
August 17th, 1951 (August 17 1951)BirthAlan Minter, British boxer
August 17th, 1949 (August 17 1949)BirthSib Hashian, American drummer (Boston)
August 17th, 1949 (August 17 1949)BirthNorm Coleman, American politician
August 17th, 1949 (August 17 1949)DeathGregorio Perfecto, Filipino jurist & politician (born in 1891)
August 17th, 1948 (August 17 1948)BirthRod MacDonald, American musician
August 17th, 1947 (August 17 1947)EventThe Radcliffe Line, the border between Union of India and Dominion of Pakistan is revealed.
August 17th, 1947 (August 17 1947)BirthGary Talley, American guitarist (Box Tops)
August 17th, 1947 (August 17 1947)BirthSylvia Nasar, German-born American economist and author
August 17th, 1946 (August 17 1946)BirthMartha Coolidge, American film director
August 17th, 1945 (August 17 1945)EventIndonesian Declaration of Independence.
August 17th, 1945 (August 17 1945)EventAnimal Farm by George Orwell is first published by Fredric WarburgGeorge Orwell Quotes
August 17th, 1944 (August 17 1944)BirthLawrence Joseph Ellison, CEO of Oracle Corporation, Billionaire
August 17th, 1943 (August 17 1943)EventWorld War II: The U.S. Eighth Air Force suffers the loss of 60 bombers on the Schweinfurt-Regensburg mission.
August 17th, 1943 (August 17 1943)EventWorld War II: The U.S. Seventh Army under General George S. Patton arrive in Messina, Italy, followed several hours later by the British 8th Army under Field Marshal Bernard L. Montgomery, thus completing the Allied conquest of Sicily.George S. Patton Quotes
August 17th, 1943 (August 17 1943)EventWorld War II: First Quebec Conference of Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and William Lyon Mackenzie King begins.Winston Churchill Quotes
August 17th, 1943 (August 17 1943)BirthRobert De Niro, American actor
August 17th, 1943 (August 17 1943)BirthDave "Snaker" Ray, American musician (died in 2002)
August 17th, 1942 (August 17 1942)EventU.S. Marines raid the Japanese-held Pacific island of Makin (Butaritari).
August 17th, 1941 (August 17 1941)BirthJean Pierre Lefebvre, French Canadian film director
August 17th, 1941 (August 17 1941)BirthBoog Powell, American baseball player
August 17th, 1940 (August 17 1940)BirthEduardo Mignogna, Argentinian film director (died in 2006)
August 17th, 1940 (August 17 1940)DeathBilly Fiske, American aviator and Olympic athlete (born in 1911)
August 17th, 1939 (August 17 1939)BirthLuther Allison, American musician
August 17th, 1939 (August 17 1939)BirthAnthony Valentine, British actor
August 17th, 1938 (August 17 1938)BirthAbu Bakar Bashir, Indonesian Muslim cleric
August 17th, 1938 (August 17 1938)BirthTheodoros Pangalos, Greek politician
August 17th, 1936 (August 17 1936)BirthFloyd Red Crow Westerman, Native American musician-actor (died in 2007)
August 17th, 1935 (August 17 1935)BirthOleg Tabakov, Russian actor
August 17th, 1933 (August 17 1933)BirthEugene F. Kranz, American NASA executive
August 17th, 1933 (August 17 1933)BirthMark Dinning, American singer (died in 1986)
August 17th, 1932 (August 17 1932)BirthV. S. Naipaul, West Indian writer, Nobel Laureate
August 17th, 1930 (August 17 1930)BirthGlenn Corbett, American actor (died in 1993)
August 17th, 1930 (August 17 1930)BirthTed Hughes, English poet (died in 1998)Ted Hughes Quotes
August 17th, 1929 (August 17 1929)BirthFrancis Gary Powers, American U-2 pilot (died in 1977)
August 17th, 1926 (August 17 1926)BirthJiang Zemin, Chinese politician
August 17th, 1926 (August 17 1926)BirthGeorge Melly, British singer (died in 2007)
August 17th, 1926 (August 17 1926)BirthJean Poiret, French actor, director and screenwriter (died in 1992)
August 17th, 1925 (August 17 1925)DeathIoan Slavici, Transylvanian writer of Romanian origin (born in 1848)
August 17th, 1921 (August 17 1921)BirthGeoffrey Rudolph Elton, British historian (died in 1994)
August 17th, 1920 (August 17 1920)BirthMaureen O Hara, Irish actress
August 17th, 1920 (August 17 1920)DeathRay Chapman, American baseball player (born in 1891)
August 17th, 1919 (August 17 1919)BirthGeorgia Gibbs, American singer (died in 2006)
August 17th, 1918 (August 17 1918)EventBolshevik revolutionary leader Moisei Uritsky is assassinated.
August 17th, 1918 (August 17 1918)DeathMoisei Uritsky, Russian revolutionary (born in 1873)
August 17th, 1915 (August 17 1915)EventJewish American Leo Frank is lynched for the alleged murder of a 13-year-old girl in Marietta, Georgia.
August 17th, 1914 (August 17 1914)EventWorld War I: Battle of StalluponenThe German army of General Hermann von Francois defeats the Russian force commanded by Pavel Rennenkampf near modern-day Nesterov, Russia.
August 17th, 1914 (August 17 1914)BirthFranklin Delano Roosevelt Jr., son of Franklin Delano Roosevelt (died in 1988)Franklin Delano Roosevelt Quotes
August 17th, 1913 (August 17 1913)BirthW. Mark Felt, American Watergate informant
August 17th, 1913 (August 17 1913)BirthRudy York, American baseball player (died in 1970)
August 17th, 1913 (August 17 1913)BirthOscar Alfredo Galvez, Argentine racing driver (died in 1989)
August 17th, 1911 (August 17 1911)BirthMikhail Botvinnik, Russian chess player (died in 1995)
August 17th, 1909 (August 17 1909)BirthLarry Clinton, American trumpeter and bandleader (died in 1985)
August 17th, 1908 (August 17 1908)EventProjection in Paris of the very first cartoon, Fantasmagorie realized by Emile Cohl.
August 17th, 1907 (August 17 1907)EventPike Place Market, the longest continuously-running public farmers market in the US, opened in Seattle.
August 17th, 1904 (August 17 1904)BirthLeopold Nowak, Austrian musicologist (died in 1991)
August 17th, 1904 (August 17 1904)BirthMary Cain, American newspaper editor and politician (died in 1984)
August 17th, 1903 (August 17 1903)DeathHans Gude, Norwegian romanticist landscape painter (born in 1825)
August 17th, 1901 (August 17 1901)DeathEdmond Audran, French composer (born in 1842)
August 17th, 1896 (August 17 1896)BirthLeslie Groves, American military engineer (died in 1970)
August 17th, 1896 (August 17 1896)DeathBridget Driscoll, world s first automobile fatality
August 17th, 1893 (August 17 1893)BirthMae West, American actress (died in 1980)Mae West Quotes
August 17th, 1890 (August 17 1890)BirthHarry Hopkins, 8th United States Secretary of Commerce (died in 1946)
August 17th, 1890 (August 17 1890)BirthStefan Bastyr, Polish aviator (died in 1920)
August 17th, 1888 (August 17 1888)BirthMonty Woolley, American actor (died in 1963)
August 17th, 1887 (August 17 1887)BirthMarcus Garvey, Jamaican-born Black rights activist (died in 1940)
August 17th, 1887 (August 17 1887)BirthCharles I of Austria (died in 1922)
August 17th, 1883 (August 17 1883)EventThe first public performance of the Dominican Republic s national anthem, Himno Nacional.
August 17th, 1882 (August 17 1882)BirthSamuel Goldwyn, Hollywood producer (died in 1974)Samuel Goldwyn Quotes
August 17th, 1880 (August 17 1880)DeathOle Bull, Norwegian violinist (born in 1810)
August 17th, 1875 (August 17 1875)DeathWilhelm Bleek, German linguist (born in 1827)
August 17th, 1873 (August 17 1873)BirthJohn A. Sampson, American gynecologist (died in 1946)
August 17th, 1866 (August 17 1866)BirthMir Mahboob Ali Khan, 6th Nizam of Hyderabad (died in 1911)
August 17th, 1866 (August 17 1866)BirthJulia Marlowe, English actress (died in 1950)
August 17th, 1864 (August 17 1864)EventAmerican Civil War: Battle of GainesvilleConfederate forces defeat Union troops near Gainesville, Florida.
August 17th, 1863 (August 17 1863)EventAmerican Civil War: In Charleston, South Carolina, Union batteries and ships bombard Confederate-held Fort Sumter.Charles Fort Quotes
August 17th, 1863 (August 17 1863)BirthGene Stratton-Porter, American author and naturalist (died in 1924)
August 17th, 1862 (August 17 1862)EventIndian Wars: The Lakota (Sioux) Dakota War of 1862 begins in Minnesota as Lakota warriors attack white settlements along the Minnesota River.
August 17th, 1862 (August 17 1862)EventAmerican Civil War: Major General JEB Stuart is assigned command of all the cavalry of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia.
August 17th, 1861 (August 17 1861)DeathAlcee Louis la Branche, American Politician (born in 1806)
August 17th, 1850 (August 17 1850)DeathDon Jose de San Martin, Argentine general (born in 1778)Jose de San Martin Quotes
August 17th, 1844 (August 17 1844)BirthMenelek II of Ethiopia (died in 1913)
August 17th, 1834 (August 17 1834)DeathHusein Gradascevic, Bosnian rebel leader (born in 1802)
August 17th, 1828 (August 17 1828)BirthJules Bernard Luys, French neurologist (died in 1897)
August 17th, 1807 (August 17 1807)EventRobert Fulton s first American steamboat leaves New York City for Albany, New York on the Hudson River, inaugurating the first commercial steamboat service in the world.
August 17th, 1794 (August 17 1794)BirthPrince Alexander of Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Schillingsfurst, German priest (died in 1849)
August 17th, 1786 (August 17 1786)BirthDavy Crockett, American frontiersman and soldier (died in 1836)Davy Crockett Quotes
August 17th, 1786 (August 17 1786)BirthPrincess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld, mother of Queen Victoria (died in 1861)
August 17th, 1786 (August 17 1786)DeathKing Frederick II of Prussia (born in 1712) Frederick II of Prussia Quotes
August 17th, 1785 (August 17 1785)DeathJonathan Trumbull, Governor of the Colony and the state of Connecticut (born in 1710)
August 17th, 1768 (August 17 1768)BirthLouis Charles Antoine Desaix, French general (died in 1800)
August 17th, 1753 (August 17 1753)BirthJosef Dobrovsky, Czech linguist (died in 1828)
August 17th, 1723 (August 17 1723)DeathJoseph Bingham, English scholar (born in 1668)
August 17th, 1720 (August 17 1720)DeathAnne Lefevre, French scholar (born in 1654)
August 17th, 1676 (August 17 1676)DeathHans Jakob Christoph von Grimmelshausen, German novelist (born in 1621)
August 17th, 1673 (August 17 1673)DeathRegnier de Graaf, Dutch physician and anatomist (born in 1641)
August 17th, 1657 (August 17 1657)DeathRobert Blake, British admiral (born in 1599)
August 17th, 1629 (August 17 1629)BirthKing John III of Poland (died in 1696)
August 17th, 1601 (August 17 1601)BirthPierre de Fermat, French mathematician (died in 1665)
August 17th, 1578 (August 17 1578)BirthFrancesco Albani, Italian painter (died in 1660)
August 17th, 1562 (August 17 1562)BirthHans Leo Hassler (baptized), German composer (died in 1612)
August 17th, 1510 (August 17 1510)DeathEdmund Dudley, English statesman (born in 1462)
August 17th, 1473 (August 17 1473)BirthRichard, Duke of York (died in 1483?)
August 17th, 1304 (August 17 1304)DeathEmperor Go-Fukakusa of Japan (born in 1243)
August 17th, 1153 (August 17 1153)DeathEustace IV of Boulogne, son of Stephen of England (born in 1130)

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